Bexley LSCB

Welcome to the Bexley Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) Website - this provides information for professionals, volunteers, children & young people and their families.

The BSCB Independent Chair is Jane Shuttleworth, she can be contacted via email at:

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How we conduct our business

The BSCB will ensure that in order to benefit the children and young people of Bexley our recommendations, actions and outcomes will be SAFER:

Sustainable – we aim to develop a system for safeguarding and protection that is durable for the long term.

Accountable – we hold ourselves and our partners to account for the decisions we make and the services they provide.

Feasible – we aspire for excellence but will only promise what is achievable.

Evidenced – we will seek evidence of the effectiveness of our work and our partners’ work.

Respect – we will respect the voice of the child as central to our work and ensure a child focus in our activity.