Structure and Governance

The BSCB Board from April 2016 has two forms:
  • Partnership Board - the full membership which meets twice a year, and brings together the whole partnership across the children and families sector.
  • Quality & Effectiveness Board - key agency executive leads, which meets six times a year, receiving information and learning from the new Learning Hub and taking deciosns on improvement actions required using the Back to Practice model.

For more detail see the structure chart below.

Structure chart July 2016. Back to Practice

The BSCB has protocols with other key strategic partnerships in Bexley:

  • Bexley Health & Wellbeing Board

  • Bexley Children & Young People Parnership

  • Bexley Adult Safeguarding Board

  • Bexley Community Safety Partnership

These protocols will be reviewed during 2017-18 as part of transition planning.