BSCB Jargon Buster


Ax Assessment

BEAN Bexley Early Assessment Needs (now obsolete - replaced by CAF)

BMA British Medical Association

BSCB Bexley Safeguarding Children's Board

CAF Common Assessment Framework

CAIT Child Abuse Investigation Team

CAMHS Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service

CCG Clinical Commissioning Group

CDOP Child Death Overview Panel

CIN Child in Need

CLA Children Looked After

CP Child Protection

CPC Child Protection Conference

CPS Child Placement Service

CSC Children's Social Care

CWD Children with Disabilities

DNA Did Not Attend

DV Domestic Violence

DVH Darenth Valley Hospital

EDT Emergency Duty Team

EHCP Education & Health care plans (used to be statement of Educations needs)

EIT Early Intervention Team

EPS Educational Psychology service

EWO Education Welfare Officer

GP General Practitioner

HV Health Visitor

IMR Individual/Independent Management Review

IRO Independent Reviewing Officer

LAC Looked After Child

LACE Looked after Children's education

LADO Local Authority Designated Officer

LAS London Ambulance Service

LCPP London Child Protection Procedures

LIF Learning & Improvement framewrok

LIP Learning & Improvement famewrok plan

LSCB Local Children's Safeguarding Board

MAPPA Multi-agency Public Protection Arrangements

MARAC Multi-agency Risk assessment Conference

MASE Multi-Agency Sexual Exploitation

MASH Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub

NICE National Institute for Clinical Excellence

PLO Public Law Outline

PMLD Profound and Multiple Learning difficulties

Q&E Quality & Effectiveness

SC05 Offence - by familial (family or someone with a caring responsibility)

non-SC05 Offence - by stranger

SCIE Social Care Institute for Clinical Excellence

SCR Serious Case Review

SD Sanctioned detentions

SEBD Social, Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties

SEN Special Educational needs

SENCo Special Education Needs Coordinator

SISG Serious Incidents sub group

SLA Service Level Agreement

SLD Severe Learning difficulties

SLT or SALT Speech & Language Therapy

SM Service Manager

SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely

SOP Standing Operating Procedure

SSW Senior Social Worker

SW Social Worker

T&D Training & Development

TM Team Manager

ToR Terms of Reference

YOT Youth Offending Team