Young people and Social Care

Child Protection Conferences

Young people may be having difficulties at home or outside the home. Bexley Children's Services and Social Care are there to support and help families in trouble.

If you are going to a Child Protection Conference, there is a leaflet you can download:

Keep Children Safe Booklet - for children and young people.

Child Protection Conference - a guide for parents and parers

Looked After and Children Leaving Care in Bexley

The Children in Care Council is a group of looked after children and care leavers. They know what young people are going through and that sometimes it feels like you have no choice in their lives.

They like to help young people that are in care or leaving care to be involved in deciding what services they get.

They meet Bexley Heads of Services, Elected Members and Senior Managers to let them know about issues on young people’s behalf and ways things could be better

They have their own website, go to Bexley Children in Council website (some of the information on here is being updated).

Corporate Parenting

Bexley is committed to ensuring all ' looked after children' are given every opportunity to experience a safe, healthy, happy life.

When a child or young person becomes a looked after (a foster child) they become the responsibility of the Local Authority. This means that all members and officers of the council need to make sure that the 'right' decisions are being made for the child, they need to be concerned about the child as if they were their own child - they are called 'Corporate Parents',

For more information, see the Bexley Social Care Corporate Parenting page.