Schools - safeguarding

This page is intended to give guidance on safeguarding in schools to teachers and other schools and education staff.

For information and advice for young people see here: BSCB Advice for young people page

For information and advice for parents and carers see the BSCB Advice for parents and carers page

Statutory guidance

The key document for schools is Keeping Safe in Education published by the Department for Education.

The current guidance was issued in July 2015. New guidance was issued on 26 May 2016 which comes into operation on 5 September 2016. Both can be downloaded here: Keeping Children Safe in Education

Worries or concern about the safety of a child

Any member of schools staff should initially contact their designated safeguarding lead and/or contact Bexley Children's Services for advice or to make a referral. See here: BSCB What to do if you are worried about a child page.

If there are concerns about the behavior of a member of staff, schools should contact the LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) who investigates allegations against staff. For more information see here: BSCB LADO webpage

There are a number of specific safeguarding issues which schools must be aware of: